Past Performances

"I Don't Poem" Book Launch


I DON’T POEM: AN ANTHOLOGY OF PAINTERS is edited by the poet and critic Claudia La Rocco and features the visual art and writing of 16 contemporary New York artists

Why Choreography Now?: Reading, Conversation, Performance of The Choreographic


Why Choreography Now? celebrates the launch of The Choreographic by Jenn Joy. Please join us for a reading, conversation with the Hilary Clark, DD Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Heather Kravas, remarks by Kelly Kivland, projections by James Foster, a surprise performance and a toast to all the artists!

Dynasty Handbag: Soggy Glasses, A Homo’s Odyssey

01/16/15 - 01/18/15

A feminist, comedic, fanny-packed, monomythic hero-journey. Using Homer’s Odyssey as both dramaturgical framework and toilet paper, Dynasty Handbag recasts the masculine allegory of returning home in a feminist context, on a voyage though her extremities, heart, mind, bowels, and artist colon-y.

My Barbarian: The Mother and Other Plays

01/15/15 - 01/18/15

My Barbarian, a collective consisting of Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon, and Alexandro Segade, will perform The Mother and Other Plays. This live adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Mother, first performed in 1932, includes musical numbers and improvised content, and also maintains the Brechtian concept of the Lehrstück, or learning-play, by inviting audience members to participate in select scenes.

Trajal Harrell, Eiko Otake and Sam Miller In Conversation


Trajal Harrell (American, b. 1973) engages in a conversation with Eiko Otake, Japanese choreographer and dancer, who works primarily with her partner Koma as part of IN ONE STEP ARE A THOUSAND ANIMALS, Harrel's two-year Annenberg Research Commission Residency project.

Jack Ferver: Night Light Bright Light

01/14/15 - 01/18/15

In Night Light Bright Light, Jack Ferver draws inspiration from, and parallels between, his own life and the life, art, and death of Fred Herko.

luciana achugar: OTRO TEATRO: The Pleasure Project

01/13/15 - 01/17/15

The culmination of a three-month-long procession of public space interventions made throughout NYC and Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, that seek to viscerally activate the passive spectator. Anti-spectacular yet super-natural, it is less a performance and more of a practice of moving performance closer to ritual.

Tere O’Connor: Undersweet

01/12/15 - 01/14/15

In Undersweet, O’Connor works from the supposition that formalism might result from repressed sexual desire. The work is a choreographic meditation on how this paradox finds expression in dance, or possibly even generates it.

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