Past Performances

1, this useless tool [this folded flower]

03/27/15 - 03/28/15

This project is part of Wey’s ongoing research regarding the following: asian american, asian, american, aesthetic, white, neutrality, internalized phobias, yoke, shoulders, masculinity, portrayal, girdle, bidgood, narcissus, athletic model guild, stasis, genet ...



Whoop Dee Doo, an artist-led project that works with youth and community members, has been working with teens from the Urban Youth Theater Ensemble at Abrons Arts Center to create a unique, immersive and interactive installation and live performance.

Catch 66

03/14/15 - 03/15/15

CATCH - "everybody's favorite" hydra-headed, multi-disciplinary performance series - takes over Abrons for two nights / two theaters of a rough-and-ready homage to the Mother Road.

ICE: International Contemporary Ensemble

02/27/15 - 02/28/15

The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) presents five free concerts of new contemporary music throughout the year.

Experiments in Opera: Sisyphus

02/13/15 - 02/21/15

There’s more to the myth of Sisyphus than a man pushing a boulder up a hill. In this new, collaboratively-composed evening-length opera, the famous story is twisted, pulled apart, and reassembled in a collage of characters, genres and questions.

Celebrate our 100th Birthday!


Join our Centennial celebration and help us launch the next generation of cutting-edge work. Get a front row view of the adult film industry (we know you want to), and finish off with a roaring dance party. There’s never a dull moment in our house.

The Civilians: Pretty Filthy

01/31/15 - 03/01/15

A story about trying to make a life and a living in an ever-changing world—a task that’s all the more complicated when your work is so intimately tied to customer “satisfaction.”

"I Don't Poem" Book Launch


I DON’T POEM: AN ANTHOLOGY OF PAINTERS is edited by the poet and critic Claudia La Rocco and features the visual art and writing of 16 contemporary New York artists

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