The Hard Problem: Sara Coffin and Dani Levine

Across disciplines, problems that assume to be irresolvable often get ignored. And since experiences are visual, physical, sensual, perceptual, emotional, intellectual… why would one choose to embrace such multiplicity without any guarantee of a knowing? If the hard problem were to call out an answer it might say: “even if  something seems impossible to know we must develop a new way to understand it”.

Sara Coffin and Dani Levine both work with distinct methods of reasoning. Things are measured, balanced, weighed, tested. Colors are matched or suspended. Surfaces are scouted and developed. But the work always exceeds its parameters, and they work this way knowing an accumulation will acure. In a kind of single-minded push forward revelation only appears when all pieces align on top of which they were meant.

For them, the explanatory gap between function and experience is necessary in order to make the work complete. The gap (the experience, the hard problem) makes the methods insufficient to understand it.