Galería Perdida: No Matter How Much You Push the Envelope, It’ll Still Be Stationery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 10 | 6-8 PM

Abrons Arts Center is pleased to present a new exhibition by the Brooklyn based collaborative galería perdida. Their most recent project No matter how much you push the envelope it’ll still be stationery, explores opportunities to destabilize normative modes of artistic production through the adoption of various labor techniques and shifting exhibition formats. The collaborative has created a series of hand woven vinyl panels along with a video that skewers class and caste distinctions using a montage of still photographs and an absurdist gesture with a donkey. Treating Abrons’ Culpeper gallery as a frontal, near booth-like experience, the entire installation will be punctuated by sculptures and 2 dimensional works tethered to linguistic devices. Stand alone sculptures of letter-forms and glyphs carved out of walnut or cast in aluminum are propped up on shelves and display surfaces while abridged phrases of speech like UNLESS IT IS & TODO SE ACABA add a strange, quasi-authoritative voice unhinged from any easily identifiable context. Taken together with the oscillating patterns distilling indigenous and Shaker influences, the textual component collapses the distance between the linguistic apparatus and meaning, rendering language as a support structure and desirable object in equal measure.

galería perdida was established in Chilchota, Michoacan in 2005. They currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY. Exhibitions include Zelda Zonk, Preface Gallery, Paris 2013; somos fabricantes de alimentos en cuero, Casa del Lago, Mexico DF 2013; Let’s Smell it Together, CUE Art Foundation, NY 2013; If the moment should fail us, Poprally, MoMA, NY 2012; Toda la Memoria del Mundo, Casa del Lago, Mexico DF 2013; INCIDENT 57: Two Chins to Swallow, Incident Report, Hudson NY 2012; La carne de burro no es transparente, Luckman Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2012; Matryoshka, Recess Activities, NY 2011; all we ever wanted was everything, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY 2010

Image: No matter how much you push the envelope it will still be stationery. 2014.

still from 16mm film transferred to video. TRT 10:22

galería perdida