minor theater: The Terrifying (World Premiere)

90 minutes / Contains strong language and sudden loud noises / Suitable for 12 years and up

In a creepy little village on the cusp of modernity, two teenagers and their families are stalked by a ravening monster. How can people live with forces that want to destroy them? Perhaps by cultivating some dark appetites of their own…

Written & directed by Julia Jarcho, starring Jess Barbagallo, Kim Gainer, Kristine Haruna Lee, and Pete Simpson, with live sound design by Ben Williams; sets by Jason Simms, costumes by Ásta Bennie Hostetter, lights by Barbara Samuels; producer John Del Gaudio; associate producer Gillian Fallon.

minor theater is a New York City company putting on plays written and directed by Julia Jarcho. The members are downtown veterans Jenny Seastone, Ben Williams, and Ásta Bennie Hostetter. Shows we have collaborated on include Grimly Handsome (2013 OBIE Award for Best New American Play), American Treasure (through 13P), Nomads (at Incubator Arts) and Dreamless Land (with New York City Players).