International Contemporary Ensemble [ICE]: Spring OpenICE Weekend

April 4: 6 PM – 8 PM Workshop TUTTI (Open Rehearsal)
with Josh Rubin, clarinet

April 26: Rebekah Heller Solo Show
with Rebekah Heller, Levy Lorenzo
8:30 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

April 28: Side-by-Side OpenICE Concert with Itinéraire (France)
8:30 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

Pauline Oliveros: Apple Box Orchestra (1965)
Francesca Verunelli: Interno Rosso con Figure II for accordion and electronics
Chiyoko Szlavnics: Triptych for AS (2006) for accordion, two violins, and sine oscillators
Sky Macklay: White/Waves for ensemble
Pauline Oliveros: Heart of Tones for Trombone, Oscillators, and accompanying orchestra

James Austin Smith, oboe
Campbell MacDonald, clarinet
Ryan Muncy, saxophone
David Nelson, trombone
Nathan Davis, percussion
Josh Modney, violin
Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello
Ensemble l’Itinéraire:
Julie Brunet-Jailly, flute
Antoine Dreyfuss, horn
Anne Mercer, violin
Lucia Peralta, viola
Yano Dubost, bass
Anthony Millet, accordion

April 29: Blecharz Open Dress Rehearsal
with Teyssier, MacDonald, Muncy, Heller, Karre
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

April 29: OpenICE Concert – Wojtek Blecharz: music for invisible places (work in progress)
8 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

Rand Steiger: Concatenation (2013) for bassoon and live processing
Dai Fujikura: Following (2014) for solo bassoon
Edgar Guzmán: The Purloined Letter (2017) for saxophone, bassoon and electronics WORLD PREMIERE
with Ryan Muncy, saxophone

Jason Eckardt: A Compendium of Catskill Native Botanicals, from Book 2: Asarum canadense, “Wild Ginger” (2015) for solo bassoon
Felipe Lara: Metafagote (2015) for solo bassoon and six spatialized bassoons and contrabassoons
with Nanci Belmont, Sara Shoenbeck, Patricia Wang, Clifton Guidry, Gabriela González, and Morgan Davison, bassoons and Alice Teyssier, conductor

May 2: OpenICE presents Not Art Records “Treatise” | More info »
8 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

May 4: Forget All This | More info »
7 PM | Experimental Theater | RSVP for free tickets »

The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) is an artist collective committed to transforming the way music is created and experienced. As performer, curator, and educator, ICE explores how new music intersects with communities across the world. The ensemble’s 35 members are featured as soloists, chamber musicians, commissioners, and collaborators with the foremost musical artists of our time. Emerging composers have anchored ICE’s programming since its founding in 2001, and the group’s recordings and digital platforms highlight the many voices that weave music’s present.

“America’s foremost new-music group”
Alex Ross

“bracing, illuminating, reassuring”
– Financial Times 

“the new gold standard for new music”
– The New Yorker 

– The New York Times

OpenICE at Abrons | Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Hvolf from ICE on Vimeo.
Credit: OpenICE at Abrons | Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Hvolf

OpenICE, a series of free public concerts by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), is made possible by support from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.