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On the occasion of her new book, EXTRASTATECRAFT: THE POWER OF INFRASTRUCTURE SPACE (VERSO, 2014), Keller Easterling will lead a session of THE DVLPR RR PRJCT (DEVELOPER READER PROJECT) at Abrons Arts Center.

How To Tell If Your Krill Oil Supplements Are Ripping You Off

03/05/15 - 04/19/15

Artists in this exhibition explore new modes of sculptural production, painting, and digital collage that point to a disturbingly reconfigured parceling of time and space in relation to human life. With Gina Beavers, Nate Boyce, Jo Nigoghossian, Gabriela Salazar, Naama Tsabar and a site responsive set design by Christina Masciotti and Stephen Dobay.

A Sea Change Into Lands Rich and Strange

01/28/15 - 02/25/15

This exhibition and programming will consider the future of our engagement with our natural and cultural resources by questioning how, in relationship to the land, we recharge our myriad sets of batteries—economic, social, affective, and material.

Temporary Landscapes: Body Island & 142241

01/07/15 - 01/18/15

Interdisciplinary artist Arturo Vidich has created two performance works at Abrons that each generated a dual product of live performance and film.

No Filter: Fall 2014 Student Exhibition


Featuring artworks created by students participating in Abrons' Engagement classes + workshops.

Geometries of Intimacy

11/05/14 - 12/20/14

This exhibition presents work by Janelle and Lisa Iglesias, Florian Meisenberg, Brie Ruais, Kika Thorne, and Jonathan VanDyke that articulate the shape, contours, and texture of communion. These artists' works locate and measure proximities—both physical and conceptual—among bodies, and question current assumptions about pairings, alliances, fusions, and other co-existences.

Hot Meet: Persian Goddesses and New AIRspace Residents


Breaking down the wall between artist and viewer, Banayan will deliver the idea of food as gift and harmony via performance and celebration of her Persian heritage as it operates today.

You Are Here

10/03/14 - 10/05/14

This installation is a low-fi teleportation at its best. Collaboratively created by artist teams in five global locations, you will hear, feel, taste, smell and see the world through someone else's words during this digital storytelling installation, all by using only a pair of headphones and a blindfold. (Part of the Forest Fringe Festival, 2014.)

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