School Programs

The StudioLab arts education program serves schools in all five boroughs of NYC through these programs:

Curriculum + Arts In the Classroom

StudioLab’s Integrate program enhances classroom curriculum in grades K-12 by pairing an art form with a core subject area. We create original sessions for each school that inspire students to grow academically and creatively, while teachers gain professional development in applied artistic practices. Specialized Integrate programs can be designed for English Language Learners and Special Education needs.

After-School Arts  

StudioLab’s Amplify program, students in after-school explore multi-disciplinary art forms while developing artistic literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills. Amplify offerings include theater ensembles, dance programs, studio art intensives, and musical instruction.

Writing through Artworks 

The Respond program teaches students to write persuasive arguments with text-based evidence. Aligning with the Common Core State Standard, Respond workshops begin with a visit to the Abrons for a performance, an in-depth tour of our galleries, or visits with our artists-in-residence. Students learn to engage artworks by writing their own reviews and incorporating excerpts from art criticism, historical texts, newspaper articles, and even blogs into their writing. 

Gallery Education + School Day Performances

With StudioLab’s Encounter program, students of all ages engage with contemporary art forms through school day performances and gallery tours at the Abrons. Encounter programs feature upclose experiences with worldclass artists and artworks, and conclude with inquiry-led discussions and activities that involve expressive responses, including writing, drawing, or movement. 

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Director of Engagement
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