AIRspace Residency Program

The 2016 application for Visual Artists and Curators is now live and the deadline is April 24, 2016.
Click here for application instructions.

The Abrons' AIRspace program offers time-based residencies to emerging and mid-career artists and cross-disciplinary curators, providing free workspaces and opportunities to present/exhibit works-in-progress, curate exhibits and performances in the Abrons' galleries and theaters, and teach in school-based education programs.

Visual Artists Residencies

Each year the Abrons awards residencies to five visual artists. Beginning in October, residents are provided a studio for 11 months within the Abrons facility. Throughout the residency, meetings and studio visits are also arranged with critics, curators, artists, and other art-workers. The program provides a range of career development opportunities throughout the residency, including educational work within the Abrons education and gallery programs, as well as Open Studio Events, and a culminating group exhibition. Among the artists selected for the AIRspace program are painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and video and installation artists. Residents are selected by a juried panel of professional artists, critics, curators, and Abrons Arts Center staff.

Curatorial Residencies

In 2010, AIRspace expanded to accommodate one curatorial resident who receives an office space and the opportunity to curate three shows in a variety of exhibition spaces at the Abrons Arts Center. The Abrons’ Visual Arts Director assists in the Curatorial Resident in the formation of a curatorial advisory board to foster an ongoing dialogue for the Resident’s individual writing and exhibition interests.

Performing Artists Residencies

The opportunities available to performance-based artists are currently under review. AIRspace is not presently accepting applications for Performing Artists Residencies.

StudioLab Teaching Residencies

The Abrons seeks professional visual and performing artists, ideally living in New York City, to teach in school-based art education programs. StudioLab provides students from pre-kindergarten through college with innovative learning experiences in the performing, visual, literary, and media arts. StudioLab is the Abrons' pioneering approach to school-based arts education. With decades of experience cultivating young artists in classroom environments, StudioLab programs offer unique learning models for students to acquire fundamental arts skills and reflect critically on the "hows" and "whys" of their creative process. Our approach enhances classroom learning, engages students through the exploration of contemporary art forms, and fosters an understanding of the local, global, and cultural issues that affect their lives.

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