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Riso Session With Endless Editions

From June 11, 2017 at 3 - 6 PM

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incredible speed allow artists to create hundreds of prints in a relatively short amount of time. Drop by to learn more about the process and make your own prints with Paul John. Participants are encouraged to bring along drawings or photographs that they wish to print with the risograph. Colors available include blue, pink, and black.

Paul John is an artist, printer, and publisher. John graduated from the University of Richmond where he studied printmaking with artist Tanja Softić. He received his MFA in printmaking at SUNY New Paltz. Frequently working in conjunction with other artists, he creates prints, installations, online art, and artist books. He also works with ideas of contemporary communication using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites as platforms for viewing irreverent art. Paul John was an artist in residence at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, held publishing workshops at the Royal Academie of Art in Stockholm, and is currently a Printer Without Press Fellow at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, part of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. He has taught classes in basic printmaking, risograph printing, screen printing, and embossment.

Maydance: Choreographic Intensive

From January 23 through January 27, 2017 on Monday – Friday at 10 AM – 2 PM
5 sessions

Registration CLOSED

During this five day workshop participants will explore various elements of Juliana May’s process, including her own free associative language practice, elevated and action-based text work, open scoring and group processing. Interrogate the role of narrative, personal testimonial and formal risk-taking in an effort to upend previous compositional habits. Part of each day will be spent discussing each student’s current relationship to their creative process as well as working inside of a live choreographic fish bowl, watching each other work and giving direct feedback.  


From February 7 through February 28, 2017 on Tuesdays at 7 – 9 PM
4 sessions

Registration CLOSED

Create your own miniature world! Participants will learn the art and history of dioramas from taxidermy to store displays and Legos to reliquaries. Each participant will create their own diorama to take home and display as a centerpiece. Optional exhibition opportunity at Abrons House Show on March 29.

Artist: Ryan Toth

Audio Landscape

From March 2 through April 6, 2017 on Thursdays at 7 – 9 PM
6 sessions for $195 | Register

Unlock your music through the use of computers. Using GarageBand and Ableton Live 9, participants will explore the background of musical composition, sound synthesis, and mixing tracks. Apply these methods in a lab-like setting; results include a completed recording and deep appreciation of electronic sound.

Artist: Joel Lambdin


From March 7 through March 28, 2017 on Tuesdays at 7 – 9 PM
4 sessions for $130 | Register

Capture the complexities of the human body and enhance your observational drawing skills using dramatically lighted costumed models. This class welcomes participants at all levels from beginners learning the basics of drawing to aspiring and established illustrators. Optional exhibition opportunity at Abrons House Show on March 29.

Artist: Eric Guerrero

Get Real: Adult Acting

From March 20 through April 17, 2017 on Mondays at 7 - 9 PM
5 sessions for $150 | Register

This theater training course will concentrate on the fundamentals of acting including human observation, memorization, blocking, improvisation, and script analysis. Learn quick and powerful ways to make your performance practice more intuitive. Develop confidence while building a foundation of strong technique. Participants will work towards the staging of a monologue. All levels of experience welcome.

Artist: Modesto Flako Jimenez

Scene Work

From March 21 through April 25, 2017 on Tuesdays at 7 – 9 PM
6 sessions

Registration closed

Budding actors! Explore two-character scene work and strengthen dramatic stage skills. Learn how to develop effective relationships with scene partners. Sync listening cues without dialogue. Recognize and respond to audience reactions. Participants will work towards the staging of a collaborative scene. All levels of experience welcome.

Artist: Modesto Flako Jimenez

Japanese Pottery Ware

From April 18 through May 16, 2017 on Tuesdays at 7 – 9 PM
5 sessions for $150 | Register

Navigate 5000 years of pottery history. Known for appearances in ceremonial tea practices and Zen Buddhist storytelling, clay objects play a key role in everyday Japanese life. Introduce the handmade into your personal daily rituals after learning basic earthenware techniques like hand building, glazing, and kiln firing.

Artist: Takashi Horisaki

DrinK & Draw: Masquerade

From February 16, 2017 at 7 – 9 PM

$12 Per Session |BYOB | Registration CLOSED

Let the romance flow this Valentine Masquerade night. Dawn a decorative mask and down a glass of wine while feasting your eyes on candle lit nude models. Participants will capture every curve with sultry pencil lines.


Artist: Doreen Garner

Drink & Draw: Automatic Drawing

From March 16, 2017 at 7 – 9 PM

$12 Per Session | BYOB | Register

Embrace automatic drawing as therapeutic practice. Working collaboratively, a series of drawings will become a coloring book. Each participant will receive a copy for future coloring healing.


Artist: Carolyn Salas