Artist Residencies

Abrons AIRspace Program

The Abrons AIRspace program offers time-based residencies to emerging and mid-career visual, dance, music and theater artists and cross-disciplinary curators. A variety of residency program structures provide artists with workspace, in-progress performance/exhibition opportunities, infrastructure, professional development and financial support. AIRspace strives to build and serve a broad community of artists working on projects at various stages of development in a collective environment that promotes and encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and spontaneous creative intersections. Audiences are invited to learn more about artistic creative processes through open studios, discussions and work-in-progress showings in ongoing ways.

Our Spaces

The Abrons Arts Center is a forty thousand square foot facility with three theaters, an amphitheater, three gallery areas, six dance/performance studios, six visual arts studios, four visual arts classrooms and seven music classrooms. All of these physical spaces are available to artists on a daily basis for rehearsal, research and development time.

In 2016 – 17 the Abrons AIRspace Program 0provided over 45,000 hours of residency time to artists and curators working in the visual, literary and performing arts.



Visual Artist Residencies

Abrons Arts Center awards eight visual art residencies to New York City based artists. Residents are provided a free studio for 16-weeks within the Abrons facility, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Throughout the residency cycle, monthly studio visits are arranged with critics, curators, artists and other art-workers. A range of career development opportunities are scheduled throughout the residency including public talks, open studios, an annual group exhibition, & educational work with Abrons’ Engagement Program. Among the artists selected for the AIRspace program are painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and video and installation artists. Residents are selected by a juried panel of professional artists, critics, curators, and Abrons Arts Center staff.

2016-17 Visual Artists in Residence »
Christopher Aque
Macon Reed
Patrice Renee Washington
Chris Watts
Priyanka Dasgupta
Carl Hazlewood
Trokon Nagbe
Gabriela Salazar

Curatorial Residencies

AIRspace expanded in 2010 to include a curatorial residency. The awarded applicant receives a shared office space and the opportunity to curate up to three shows in a variety of on-site exhibition spaces. Abrons’ AIRspace Director supports the curatorial residency projects through ongoing dialogue, providing grant writing assistance and access to institutional resources.  The selected curator is encouraged to work collaboratively with staff, attend various organizational meetings and consider ways for staff and artists to work more collaboratively.

2016-17 Curator in Residence »
Christian Camacho-Light
Alexis Wilkinson



Playwright Residencies

The AIRspace playwright residency program aims to support writing for the theater by offering playwrights space, time and institutional resources within a theater setting in which to create new work.   The two year long residency includes a dedicated private office space for up to two separate resident artists annually. Additionally, playwrights are provided ongoing rehearsal space to develop new material and Abrons provides technical, marketing and administrative support in the presentation of work-in-progress showings in our blackbox theaters.

2016-18 AIRspace Playwrights in Residence:
Aaron Landsman
Sybil Kempson



Performing Artist Residencies

The Arts Center offers performance-based artists space, time and support to develop, create, practice and present new work.


Dance artists can receive an immersive developmental and/or technical residency in one of Abrons’ studios or theater spaces. Residencies range in time from one day to one month and are by invitation only.

2016-17 AIRspace Dance Artists
Yanira Castro
Juliana May
Beth Gill
Alex Romania
Ni’Ja Whitson
Patricia Hoffbauer
American Realness Festival
Bouchra Ouizguen
Connor Schumaker (with support from the Consulate General of the Netherlands)

With support from The Jerome Foundation, Abrons AIRspace Dance program (by invitation only) supports up to three emerging dance artists in residence each year. Jerome AIRspace artists receive a commission for a new work to be presented onstage at Abrons as part of the performance season. The residency includes 400 hours of rehearsal space, a dedicated shared office space and considerable technical support and production consultation.

2017-18 AIRspace Dance Artists supported by The Jerome Foundation:
Niall Jones
Mariangela Lopez
Alex Romania 

2016-17 AIRspace Dance Artists supported by The Jerome Foundation:
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
Dylan Crossman
Aynesly Vandenbroucke


Theater artists can receive an immersive developmental and/or technical residency in one of Abrons’ studios or theater spaces. Residencies range in time from one week to one month and are by invitation only. Technical oversight and production consultation is provided.

2016-17 AIRspace Theater Artists/Companies
Little Lord
Dark Matter
Moe Yousuf and Joshua William Gelb
Tiny Little Band
Anthony Johnson
Witness Relocation
Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
Anna Kohler
Eliza Bent
Target Margin Theater
Igor & Moreno
Minor Theater
New York City Players
Christina Masciotti
Big Dance Theater
Jody Mccauliffe
Ben Viertel

Contemporary Music

Since 2015 Abrons has provided a creative and administrative home for the world renowned International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) In addition to providing ICE with subsidized office space and extensive rehearsal time throughout the presenting season, In partnership with ICE’s international OpenICE series, which aims to develop, engage,
and sustain diverse, new 21st-century listeners through artist driven programming, Abrons collaboratively presents free concerts, open showings and community engagement events at the Center and across a range of Henry Street Settlement programs.

Periodically Abrons will invite and host short-term local and international music artists for residencies in one of our music practice rooms. These residencies are by invitation only.

Institut Ramon Ilul Residency June 2017 | Electroacoustic music from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) is a public consortium established in 2002 with the aim of promoting the Catalan language and culture abroad. This mission is accomplished by providing broad international exposure to writers and artists, encouraging artistic and cultural exchanges, and supporting Catalan language and literature studies in universities. Currently, the consortium is formed by the Government of Catalonia, the Government of Balearic Islands and the Barcelona City Council.

The IRL’s departments focus on the following areas of activity: visual arts, architecture and design, performing arts, music and film (Department of Performing and Visual Arts); Catalan literary fiction and non-fiction, modern classics, poetry, drama and children’s works (Department of Literature and the Humanities); and Catalan studies in academic settings (Department of Language and Universities).

Joan Martí Frasquier (saxophone baritone)
Joan Bagés (electroacoustics)
Morphosis Duo (Joan Bagés and Joan Martí Frasquera)
Artist bios »

Digital Arts

In 2017 Abrons launched a digital artist in residence program to support one artist/company with long-term studio space. Artists working in sound and video design have ongoing access to music practice rooms, select access to rehearsal studios and opportunities for gallery exhibitions as well as production and administrative support.

2017-18 AIRspace Digital Artist in Residence:
Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble (Tei Blow and Sean McElroy)

In 2016-17 Abrons provided 1,440 hours of residency time to digital artists in residence.

AIRspace Grant Program for Performing Artists

The 2017-2018 online application opens Friday, August 18, 2017 and closes Monday, September 4, 2017. Apply HERE »
Program Cycle: September 20, 2017-June 30, 2018

Abrons Arts Center’s AIRspace Grant Program offers time-based residencies to five early-career performing artists working in movement-based, theater, and performance practices. The program provides 150 hours of rehearsal time in any of our four studios, the option to present works-in-progress throughout the duration of the residency period, and other professional development opportunities.

Granted studio hours must be used between September 20, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

A program of the historic Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Arts Center is committed to the belief that artistic practice is key to a socio-politically engaged and healthy society. As such, we place value on critical inquiry with ideas and aesthetic traditions. We are seeking applicants who are interested in being part of a supportive community of artists and who see the value of situating their practices within the broader Henry Street Settlement community.

Abrons Arts Center’s four studios are available Monday-Friday 10 AM-10 PM, Saturday 9 AM-10 PM, and Sunday 10 AM-6 PM. Studio requests are accommodated to the best of our ability, as we also host engagement classes throughout the year. Please note that there is one wheelchair accessible studio.

Abrons Arts Center defines an “early-career artist” as one who exhibits a commitment to their practice and has a record of some professional achievement, but has not yet received significant recognition in the field. This category is not based on the age of the applicant.

Abrons Arts Center does not provide housing, transportation, or visa sponsorship. Applicants living outside New York City will have to make their own accommodation arrangements. All accepted applicants must reside in New York City for the duration of the program. Artists enrolled in a school, college, or university are not eligible to apply. Collaborative groups are invited to apply.

You will receive confirmation of your completed and submitted application from SlideRoom.

Notifications to all applicants will be sent via email after the selection panel has made its final decisions by Friday, September 15, 2017.

Email Ali Rosa-Salas, Director of Performance Programs »



Costume Design Residencies

Since 2016 Abrons has provided a creative home for costumers in residence, Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung.   Together Reid & Harriet have created costumes for innumerable performing artists including Kyle Abraham, Jack Ferver and Andrea Miller as well as designs for American Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet.